Photojournalistic Photography

There are so many different styles of photography these days. One type of photography you hear a lot about these days is photojournalistic photography. But how much do you actually know about this style of photography. In this article I’ll be covering some of basic information about this photography form.

Photojournalism’s roots started in the broadcast and media industry. The goal of a photojournalist was and is to tell a story through images. Photojournalism is different from other styles of documentary type photography in a few simple ways.

One of the ways in which photojournalism stands out is through its timeliness. What this means is that the pictures have significance in relation to recent events such as a wedding.

Objectivity is another way photojournalism sets itself apart. Photojournalists make it their goal to accurately depict things as they occur. It’s not their job to direct or arrange things. These photographers take pictures that represent things as they occur without being altered or affected by the photographer. Many of these photographers will use telephoto lenses in order to stay in the background and avoiding altering or affecting changes in natural events.

The other goal every photojournalist tries to achieve is telling a story in every picture. For a true photojournalist it’s not good enough to simply take pictures of the event – each picture has to carry the story on it’s own. Whether it’s the love visible between mother and child or a tender moment shared by husband and wife.

Since it’s against these photographers ethical code to create or re-create moments, it’s crucial that they have a full understanding of their equipment. They only get a moment to catch those little moments. In the media industry these photographers are often exposed to number of obstacles as well be they physical danger, severe weather, or massive amounts of people.

This is only a glimpse into photojournalism, but it provides you with a basic knowledge of the goals and ideals of a photojournalist. They strive for timeliness in relation to current events, objectivity in capturing events accurately, and telling a story through images. All of these things combine together to create the true essence of a photojournalist – a photographer who documents life as it happens without having any influence over it.

Article Source: EzineArticles – Stephanie Gagnon


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